Cajun Chicken Recipe (Best Cajun Chicken Recipe Video)

Cajun Chicken Recipe Cajun Seasoning and how to cook chicken with Cajun Spices.

When guests are knocking at the door there is nothing better than this Cajun Chicken Recipe to help sooth their hunger and get multiple comments on how tasty your Cajun chicken was.

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  2. I recommend not to put much ground Cumin into it. This is Cajun. It should be ‘country-style’. Putting much Cumin will make it tastes too Indian. Good recipe tho!

  3. Don’t get mad at me for asking this, but is the Cajun seasoning u can get at the grocery store or certain restaurants the same? or should I be making my own?

  4. An exquisite and tasty recipe. I added some crushed red peppers and a couple dashes of Louisianna season salt. Was a hit with the whole apartment. 🙂

  5. i would never fry in butter, its burns too quick. i fry in oil and at the end i give a bit of butter for the flavour.

  6. I just tried this on a few shrimp and I would give it a high 7 or a low 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 . It had just enough cayenne to give it a little kick in the after taste department . Would I make a dinner out of it ? Probably not but it was OK , I’ve got better spice mixes so I wouldn’t bother with it . Always looking , rarely satisfied . TheReaper!

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