Chicken and Rice – The Hillbilly Kitchen

This was my mom’s recipe. It was a variation of her mom’s recipe and her mom’s was probably a variation of her mom’s. You don’t have to slavishly adhere to a recipe. Tinker with it a little bit until you have it doing a happy dance on your taste buds.


1 lb. – Chicken tenders
1 medium – Chopped onion
1 tablespoon – Butter
1 tablespoon – Lemon juice
1 tablespoon – Honey
1 cup – Long grain rice
2 cups – Water
Salt & pepper


  1. You are the only one with this dish the way I remember it! My Mom always made the best chicken and rice, now that she is gone I’m lost thanks so much!

  2. I have to be honest when I first started watching your (Hillbilly Kitchen) I didn’t like you
    Because you reminded me of some folks I knew in Tennessee…please for give me, you are actually a really nice lady & an amazing cook…(I’ve lived in Southern California for 50 years ) thank you for your wonderful videos!

  3. I have watched alot of your videos and I have cooked several of your recipes and my family loves all of it lol

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  5. I really feel for you using an electric stove.  I LOVE gas as it gives me instant control of heat.  Electric really takes so much more concentration due to the lag time on heat.  This looks to be a winner as a one pot dish.

  6. Wow Jackie looks just like you which is a compliment to you both….you have beautiful girls and little angel Charlotte. God bless you, Brent and family.

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