Chicken Fried Rice Recipe | How to make Chicken Fried Rice at Home | Restaurant Style Fried Rice

In this video we will see how to make chicken fried rice at home. Chicken fried rice is a classic recipe from the Indo Chinese cuisine. The indian style chicken fried rice is slightly spicier but still retains all the classic characteristics of fried rice, grains of long rice which are not sticking to one another, thinly shredded vegetables which are crisp but well seasoned and cooked, an uniform distribution of scrambled eggs in the fried rice and I like added small pieces of fried chicken because enjoying a piece of chicken in every spoon of the fried rice just sounds delightful.

Friends please do try this chicken fried rice at home and please share your feedback in the comments below. Let’s enjoy restaurant style chicken fried rice right at home.

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  1. I thought of preparing it today and the recipe is simple gonna try right now and will come back again with my feedback soon after tasting it with in an hour

  2. Hello Steffi, g’afternoon, I watch both cmh n ms, but I like madras samayal, cos its nice to hear my language [no politics], I made it, as ur recipe it has came out so delicious, chicken fried rice. Thank U.

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