Chicken Noodle Soup From Scratch!

Please watch: “Kitchen Tip!”

Another Quick Tip to Make your day a little less complicated!


  1. Not sure why but I just realised last night that even though I’ve been watching your videos for the longest time I don’t always get to see all of them. Not sure but I came across quite a few older videos of yours last night and have played catch up seeing that today I am home alone without any interruptions from hungry husband and children.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Volfie!  I have been a bit skittish about making my own noodles, now I don’t have to be.  I love all of your videos, I love your upbeat attitude!  You are an inspiration.  ((Hugs))

  3. THE remedy for ALL winter ickyness!!!  Such a comfort at the end of the day if you know that you made it all yourself….  I read some of the other commenters, they are right…you should send Howie out to the workshop to rig you up somethin’ to keep that noodle maker from wandering off!! 🙂  One question, was that just a plain tea towel that you were rolling out on??  Does it ever get little fuzzies in the dough?  Keep up the WUNDERIFIC vids, kiddo!!  Here’s to toasty toes!!!!!!!  😉

  4. Yum! Need to raid Howie’s tool box for a quick I just roll and cut mine on the counter. Nothing like homemade!

  5. always a pleasure to see this again . love the new ones but enjoy them over n over !! soup sounds great today here in michigan . the wind is kicking up and its the kind that goes right through to your bones . have left overs but not enough . so i think ill do a pot of chicken soup since i have everything here . but my son is asking for jamaican spinners instead of noodles . a spinner is the exact dough you made for your noodles except you roll the dough out in small pieces like a fat worn between your hands . drop them in your soup and simmer or low boil until there done …..they do take much longer than noodles to cook . have a great evening u 2 , hugs n xx 

  6. Looks yummy! My daughter called me just last week and asked if I would help her make my homemade chicken noodle and rice soup for her sick boyfriend.You can NEVER have to much garlic…..LOL

  7. I save the bones & skin from any chicken I prepare, in freezer bags. When there’s enough I make broth (or cook it down to stock)….It’s a life saver to have frozen chicken broth on hand, especially during cold & flu season…….I haven’t made noodles in years….maybe I’ll give it a whirl…..Good basic recipe you have…

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your site more than anything I’ve found so far.
    Thank you so much for all your work. Please don’t stop!

  9. thanks for the video, guess I’ll have to start making noodles again I could almost taste them, It’s been years since I made home noodles and I’ve been sick for two days now. Wish I’d seen this before making my chicken soup this afternoon. god bless and take care of you and yours.

  10. I always make a huge pot of chicken or turkey noodle soup on the stove.  It freezes very well.  Never have put potatoes in it.  I’ll have to try that.  Making the noodles is not much work and so worth the time.  

  11. I bet Mr. V can make you a clamp. It looks delish! I am so excited about the Favorite Things! Just a few more days!

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