Following a recipe request from Matt Lucas the SORTED crew cook up a very traditional and healthy bowl of chicken noodle soup. With the addition of matzo balls this becomes a traditional Jewish dish, just like his mum used to make.

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  1. Matzah balls are traditionally larger (a bit smaller than a baseball depending upon who makes them). Also, while cooking them in the broth is a great idea, since matzah balls can fall apart easily, try cooking them in either a separate batch of broth OR heavily salted water and then serve them in the rest of the soup (gently draining the salt water individually for each bowl). That way, no broth that will be served has tiny bits of knaidel floating in their soup.

  2. Those are the tiniest Matzoh balls I’ve ever seen. I’m also pretty sure you’re not supposed to use baking powder with matzoh meal.

  3. MIke, would you rather cook with Ben and Jamie or pull 30 years hard labor, as your expression in the opening scene suggests???


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