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Chicken Soup is so comforting, I tend to make a batch with the leftovers every time I roast a chicken. Here is a simple, wonderful homemade chicken soup recipe. I make chicken soup a fair amount, because roasted chicken is pretty common Sunday Dinner at my house. With the leftover, bones and meat, I’ve got a perfect opportunity to make a great soup.

In this chickens soup recipe, I follow some pretty standard cooking techniques to make a chicken broth, and add the traditional carrot, onion, and celery. For my noodles, I’m using orzo, which is a rice shaped pasta, and simply because I had it I added some corn. Chicken soup is perfect for adding all kinds of other ingredients and I’d encourage you to make it your own!

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  1. mm something kinda sexy about that chicken soup. maybe cuz it was so fresh or maybe cuz i saw the dirty chicken remnants that became this beautiful soup but dam it looks good

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