Chicken Soup (Simple and Delicious)

Subscribe! Give us a Like ! Comment ! How are you all? This is a delicious but simple Chicken Soup. I hold it dear to my heart as my mom always made it for me. So I hope you love the recipe. Like always you know I miss you very much. But soon we’ll be able to see each other. Our Festivals begin now in April. We participate in about 50- 60 festivals between April- October. You can find the info on our website and to order our Sofrito, Pasteles or any of our Merchandize log onto We love you!


  1. Thanks for your video. Regarding the broth, natural is always best but if you want to add this I prefer chicken “stock” and the brand I use by Kitchen Basics is delicious and contains no MSG. I find most broths by others are too watery for my liking whereas stock derives that great flavor from the bone too.

  2. Is the adobo going to be a recipe or will you have it available to buy on your website? And can u do an all natural sazon too?? Always trying to be more healthy. 🙂

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