Chicken soup with Jamelia – Gordon Ramsay

Season 4 of 6 of The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and celebrity cooking brigades.

Jamelia’s shows Gordon Ramsay her Jamaican chicken soup, while Gordon’s makes spicy chicken soup.


  1. Like a typical cunt footballer, Darren cheated on her and threw it all away! He also beat the shit out of her, what a prick!

  2. No, your comment also said Ramsay’s soup was a fail. You are so retarded you forgot your own comment. I said this was bullshit and you call me a cunt. I also said before I love spicey food, but I guess your brain is too stupid to remember that either. I’ll stop replying when you stop being retarded.

  3. LOL your boring me to fucking drink. First of all my comment was about the girl making caribbean soup, my issue was not with the chef, but you try come at me with your cunt tawk. Since you don’t understand the lingo, tek ya stinking ass to BARBADOS and have some real fucking food with spice. Stop replying back every second. Annoying asshole lol wit shit to do

  4. Of course I’m still talking, I love arguing with retarded people like you. It makes me feel like I’m doing charity work. Also, apparently you cannot read since I never said he or I are a chef for 15 years, I said he had 15 michelin stars. Big difference. Also, if you think his food looks bland you haven’t seen his recipes. You are so, so retarded it’s just funny.
    Also, maybe you should learn some proper spelling and punctuation. Just a thought 😉

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