Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup


  1. I’ve made this soup thee exact same way. it is sooo delicious. the wild rice and basmati rice swells and tastes similar to potatoes. everyone loves it…2 thumbs up and a permanent dish made in my kitchen

  2. Can I ask what the purpose of the bay leaf is? Does it make a difference if I exclude it? I’ve never cooked with them before.

  3. I followed the recipe with only one exception, I didn’t have wild rice but had added white rice instead. Loving soups in general, I put this as my favorite soup now. It tasted like something out of a restaurant. I loved it!! Thank you.

  4. Could this be made with coconut or almond flour and if so, which one would be better? I’m just recently trying to make the switch from all purpose flour, would I sub equal amounts of coconut for all purpose?

  5. I have done this several times and my guests loved it! I did add a couple of bay leaves. I recommend using better than chicken bouillon broth.

  6. just tried making this and after four hours the chicken is just barely cooked and the rest of the soup (carrots, celery onions etc) are still completely raw. At this point i guess I’ll just put it on low for another 10 hours and hope for the best :/

  7. Making this right now and just saw in the comments that there’s an extra ingredient that’s not mentioned in the video. Too late for me! It does taste good, but it would have been nice if all the ingredients were shown. BTW, it’s 1/2 c up of basmati rice.

  8. In the ingredients section, it states that you need 1/2 cup of uncooked wild rice and 1/2 cup of uncooked basmati rice. It doesn’t specifically say anywhere in the video nor the instructions where to include the basmati rice. Is the rice pictured in the video a blend of the two rices? Because it only says wild rice.

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