Deconstructed Chicken Salad Sandwich Healthy Back to School Lunch Idea FAST

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a Healthy Back to School Lunch For Kind Bars free trial box. Chicken Salad Sandwiches are delicious, but take time so try this deconstructed recipe for a quick way to make the same tasty sandwich. Quick and simple lunch ideas that are fast to make are essential in back to school fast mornings. Chicken Salad sandwich is one of my favorites and this deconstructed shows you how to make the same great taste in half the time. I love this new Lunch Bunch recipe, and I hope you do too!

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Snack is important to pack in your child’s lunch, and these all natural snacks pass my test, and they are so easy to throw in, and so high quality, i truly wish they were around rather than the other granola bars I used to pack for my kids.


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FTC: Thank you Kind Bars for sponsoring this video. My opinions are honest and true.


  1. Autumn is officially here then with the back to school theme…maybe an Indian Summer makes it’s way to Ireland??…(I won’t hold my breath though)…that way I can get some sun! Great video 🙂

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