Making chicken and rice in the dutch oven , the cast iron dutch oven is our favorite way to cook off grid . cooking off grid and the food taste so much better when cooked in the great outdoors . thank you all for watching


  1. Good video though I would worry about the dogs having anything cooked in onion. Onions are bad for dogs which can shut down their systems. Otherwise it is great that they are included in your lives. 🙂

  2. Yum, that looked amazing. Now I’m hungry for it after midnight, since I just watched! (a little to late to eat) lol

  3. After watching your past videos on Dutch oven cooking we were inspired to give it a try. We have a smaller Lodge brand oven and have good success using briquettes, not so good with using wood. Camping is not required, home use has been done more than out in the sticks. Thanks for turning us on to this different and admittedly fun way to cook. Enjoy your videos, thanks for that as well.
    Come and see us in Washington State some time.

  4. I know that was good! Everything tastes better cooked in castiron.. You can cook anything in a dutch oven..I use mine all the time………..Have a nice day C YA

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