Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe (Quick)- BenjiManTV

Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe (Quick)- BenjiManTV
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Chicken- Thighs or Breast will work
Cilantro- half a bunch, chopped coarsely
Lime Juice- 1 lime
Garlic- Optional but delicious
Salt and Pepper

1. Pound out the chicken so its nice and thin
2. cover the slices with all ingredients
3. Let it sit for 1-2 hours for full flavor effect, but you can grill it right away too.
4. Grill or Pan Fry on High Heat. Should only take 8-10 minutes tops.

You can slice this up and eat by itself, with pasta, with mexican food, guacamole etc.


  1. How long should I leave it in the grill before I flip it? How long should it last for both sides before it’s good to eat?

  2. Love garlic lime and cilantro, I’m Asian so it reminds me off Vietnamese food recipe for fish sauce. Lol thanks for the video.

  3. Is this the lowest sodium possible for grilled chicken? I LOVE grilled chicken but high blood pressure is strong in my family and I’m on danger levels. 🙁

  4. +BenjiManTV  lol I love your personality, especially at @2:44 the hmm hmm’s and ohww’s so funny and the food look so good I gotta try

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