An easy recipe that takes the guess work out of meal planning.


  1. Your honey mustard sauce is a hit here. It is a lovely dip. .Of course I added a bit of chilly flakes. You know we Sri Lankans cannot be without Miris!!

  2. Hi there, I am back! Your honey mustard sauce was fabulous! Loved it,. but could not slice the chicken as nicely as you did. But gave me an idea to marinate, crumb it and keep it in the fridge so that I can fry it any time I wanted. We are going thro’ some difficult times without water. In some places of the country there is torrential rains, devastating floods and we do not have water. The wells have run dry in the Gampaha district. It rains just to wet the ground, That’s all not to fill up the wells. There is thunder and lightening to shut down our computers, TVs etc. We are in the estate sector and still do not have the mains. So my silence! Thank you for giving us this recipe.

  3. Thank you Asai Rasai for the recipe for honey mustard sauce. As always, so sweet of you. Shall try it soon. Bless you!

  4. Hi there, after quite some time, my internet was down so that’s why you have not heard from me. Well I shall try this soon – looks good! Your back ground Jazz music was super! Thank you again for sharing.

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