Fried chicken, candied yams-Soul Delicious Cooking

Black cooking show,soul food cooking, southern cusine.


  1. Please black folks from the United States, eat something other than fried chicken.¬† What about fish, beef, pork cooked in sauce, grilled¬†or steamed–not only fried or fried fish.

  2. Pan Pan: Revisited
    By Phyllis Murray

    Bar BQ Ribs
    Chopped Pork or Beef
    Chicken wings
    Brisket of Beef

    Banana Pudding
    Hot Apple Pie
    Layer Cake
    Hot Sweet Potato Pie
    My oh my!

    Rice with Gravy
    Baked Macaroni and cheese
    Collard greens
    If you please

    Grits in a bowl
    Scapple and hash
    Salmon cakes
    Potatoes fried or mashed

    Nude Dogs
    Cheese Dog
    Chili Con Carne
    Hot Turkey’
    Hot Roast Beef
    And Hot Pastrami.

    Golden Brown Pancakes
    Egg & Bacon Omelet
    Coffee,Sanka Tea
    Or Hot Chocolate

  3. @porn1978 My point is that youre a “nigga”, im a black man, and theres a difference. youre still shinin massah’s shoes Fiddler

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