Fried Chicken Strips – Nana’s Cookery Tips & Tricks

This video is more about technique more than quantity of ingredients.The quantity is dependent on how many people you’re feeding. You’ll need boneless chicken breasts-almost frozen (at least 4 oz. per person )but if you cook too much you can freeze leftovers,flour seasoned with a little salt and pepper,eggs (I start with 3) )whisked with a little milk to loosen the eggs,dry bread crumbs(plain or with seasoning of your choice, and oil for your pan(s).
Start with maybe 1/2 cup of flour and a cup of crumbs ,but have more handy to add as needed.It’s better to start with less and add because you will have to throw out the flour and crumbs you don’t use.
Slice the chicken thinly into strips. With the breading and seizing up when it cooks,the finished strip will be thicker. Have paper towels (or plates) and a bowl for your flour,crumbs and eggs.Dredge with reg. flour seasoned with salt and pepper.dip into egg mixture(let a little drip back into bowl if it’s yucky),coat with crumbs and put onto a plate. It may be fried right away or you can refrigerate until later.Fry in hot oil on both sides and put on paper towel to drain when done. I make a honey mustard sauce(basically half and half or so)

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  1. God bless you. Just 15 seconds in you reminded me of my grandmother, someone I love very dearly. Subscribed immediately.

  2. Bruh…. I ain’t barely see no seasoning in dat flour and you didn’t season dat meat…. white people a great kooks but y’all shit kant even b nasty kuz it never have no damn seasoning

  3. I loved your video! And I am going to make this tonight! But out of curiosity do you have to use breadcrumbs? and if so why? and which brand do you prefer? thanks in advance, i subscribed to your channel!

  4. I’m sorry, I’m a religious follower of this series. I just love watching your shows and have tried many of these delicious recipes. It’s all so charming too. However; did I notice that when you reached up to adjust your glasses you got flour on your nose? I’m sorry, i thought I saw that and it gave me such a chuckle. Wether it happened or not, I so enjoy your videos and again am such a fan.

  5. I like where you cut them thinner because, you are right, chicken does seize up when you cook it! The next time I do chicken strips, i’m going to do them Nana’s way! Thank you, Mrs. Gloria ‘Nana”!

  6. You shouldn’t grab the faucet handle after handling raw meats. you cross contaminated everything you touched after you did that.  Use your wrist  to turn on the water or use food handling gloves when dealing with raw meats.

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