How to – Bake Chicken Breast

And also how to pan sear and bake! Two great ways of cooking chicken breast that turn out super yummy!


  1. Just wondering why not just finish the chicken in the frying pan? vs messing around with baking it after you sear it? When it’s almost done in the pan I put a shot of water or stock in just to free up all the yummy crumbles in the pan & call it done. Just another idea.

  2. Good video but bad cooking manners. You handled the chicken all over rubbing the seasoning then put those dirty salmonella hands all over the counter, the spices, the lemon juice, the plates, and then you went to the fridge. You must wash your hands after handling raw chicken.

  3. so easy to follow, you documented every step, even the ones you’d think people would just know about! loved it, thank you 🙂

  4. say I bake the chicken and its soaked in my marinate will the marinate be contaminated after? should I cook teh chicken and then marinate it?

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