How To Make Asian-Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Have you ever wanted to get good at chicken recipes, japanese recipes, soup recipes, cheap recipes, noodles, less than 1 hour, pan cook recipes. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Make Asian-Style Chicken Noodle Soup. Follow Videojug’s experts as they help you through this informative video.

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  1. You mean white people fusion cooking style chicken soup with some Asian ingredients. If you’re cooking chicken, Asians always add ginger. Your soup must be super misty too. Asian soups are clear if done right.

  2. I also wondered about the fish sauce and soy sauce. I also agreed the chicken should have been cooked before throwing it in the broth.

  3. For all the people hating: It clearly says Asian STYLE (ie, it’s meant to be sorta like Asian food but not an actual Asian recipe)!!

  4. Lovely, just made it for lunch. Didn’t have the soy sauce, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Just make sure you have the herbs for seasoning and lots of ground pepper! Delish.

  5. The soy sauce and fish sauce are on the side and to be served with the soup so the person eating it can have it how he likes. This is a restaurant grade soup but you can personalise it by adding more or less of the ingredients. If you don’t like carrots in your soup then don’t put any in. My advice would be to skip the fish sauce and add chives or scallions to the soy sauce. VERY IMPORTANTLY. DO NOT ADD SOY SAUCE AND FISH SAUCE TO THE SOUP POT UNLESS YOU PLAN TO EAT IT ALONE.

  6. i’ve never seen an asian add rice noodles INTO a pot of soup like that. asians will soak the dry noodles and soften the noodles in hot water then put it in a bowl AND THEN scoop the soup ontop of the noodles. this fella probably went to eat pho and had the idea of showing off to his friends. EPIC FAIL. please rename your clip to ‘White Men imitating Asian Noodle Soup’.

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