How to make Bai Moan (Roasted chicken rice) English Subtitles

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1 Whole chicken
Jasmine rice washed
Granulated chicken flavor soup base mix
Sauce – minced garlic and crush roasted peanuts with the sweet and sour fishsauce



  1. “I actually like it?!?!?!” You better like it or your moms is gonna give you them knuckles to the dome! Great Video BTW I am going whip me up some of this tonight.

  2. I watched this a few days ago and looked so good I went out and got most of the stuff for this. Going to do the chicken the same way you did but when it goes to the grill I am going to have a lemon spice on it. All though your sauce I am not so sure about making, so I am going to try and have a few things out. I am going to have a Chinese sweet and sour sauce, some Teriyaki sauce and some Italian dressing for a dip. Maybe even some kind of mixture of the 3….

  3. U guys should be on food network I don’t know why food network never find u guys yet….everything ur mother make is super authentic….I never try it but the way she make it I can think of the smell in thin air I’m wired but 5 star for ur vid thank for the share.

  4. Awkun oum srey nas and pu for posting these recipes 🙂 I’m going to try and make this today maybe even make a video out of it and repost it back to you awkun nas! Som oy oum srey and pu sok chea nik <3

  5. Im frustrated because in this video, as in others, you say you’d leave a link on How to pre prepare the sweet and sour fish sauce…but you didn’t. Just as in the mee bumpong, i had to go all over the place to find how to tenderize the beef.

  6. Thank you Nak Ming for a wonderful recipes . I live in Melbourne Australia has just found your channel. Your son done a great job recording your cooking for us thank you so much

  7. Thanks for the subtitles when you’re talking to your mommy,at least I can learn few extra tips from her indirectly 🙂

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