How to make BBQ Chicken – Easy Basic BBQ Grilled Chicken

Everyone loves simple basic home cooked BBQ Chicken. It doesn’t get any more straight forward, simple or delicious with this All American Backyard Classic. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, indirectly grilled with a small amount of apple wood for extra flavored. Then finished with your favorite bottle of BBQ Sauce. Simple and delicious!


  1. This guy knows what he’s doing.  I use the same process (keeping them together at first).  Most newbies tend to cook them too fast and too hot which just doesn’t get them tender.  Nice work.

  2. I’m here cause I haven’t eaten like this in a really really really long time,somones cooking some right now, late open.. the aroma wafting through the window & I just wanted to see what it looked like..I could eat all of those with a tub of chunky blue cheese dressing & some Hawaiian sweet rolls & butter & some sweet corn on the cob swimming in butter & pepper…Wow ! I’m in rough shape aren’t I ?

  3. Joe Smith For all the people getting worked up about him not washing the chicken: The point is that washing the chicken, at least with water, does not have the power to kill or wash off all the bacteria. The bacteria burns off in the high heat during the cooking process. Washing the chicken spreads the bacteria around your kitchen because of the splatter. You can clean it with bleach, but there’s not a big enough benefit to warrant getting your kitchen riddled in salmonella. The chicken will still have harmful bacteria that will be burned off during the cooking process.

  4. about washing the chicken. I do wash mine it but not to clean “bacteria” off. That is a straw-man. For me it is a matter of flavor and freshness, NOT cleanliness or food safety (valid concerns in their own right). Sometimes chicken can have a nasty gunky feel (and smell sometimes) and (call me paranoid) but I just don’t want that somehow affecting the flavor of the food. For me washing my chicken has ZERO to do with food safety.

  5. I was wanting to comment on how lazy you were for not thawing them out but before I did that negative thing …. did the SAME …… dang … the chicken didn’t even know. The indirect heat is the thing. Awesome and thank you!!!

  6. i have the stabdard stand up $20 grill the black one and i was wondering can i use wood instead of charcoal or do i have to use charcoal?

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