How to make Chinese roast chicken with super crispy skin (new)

This video shows you how to prepare The Chinese roast chicken with five spices powder and Szechuan peppercorns. This recipe will review the technique how to make the skin of the roast chicken crispy.

Recipe here:

Note: At 2.16 min the spelling should be air-con, not air-cond.



  1. Great video, however, this looks like a lot of work. I would prefer to buy this from an expert such as yourself, rather than make it on my own. I thank you for sharing this video.

  2. Wauw. I will try this. It is not do difficult. I dont have a tool to hang the chicken so I will hang it for Two ours more in a foodcan. Love ur teaching. Plz tell us the chau mein recipe .God bless uu

  3. Very nice. I have few free range chicken that I’ll try and I think this would have been nicer if you could show a recipe for a sauce to accompany the chicken .

  4. I had a fresh chicken from our backyard that had a wound so it had to be culled anyway but after plucking we noticed the skin is damaged because of that fleshwound ( it penetrates very deep and the chicken is having various damage on its skin , can we still use it to roast it this style or do we need a chicken with a good skin ??? we have it on a hook now to let the meat ‘ die ‘ and it will be dry anyway too so we aren’t sure we can roast it like this , also because the skin is very fragile we are having wholes if marinated … Can U please let us know ? thank you

  5. Once again, your video is very nicely done and you explained clearly the purpose of each step. I hope your book that contains the Authentic Wanton has been published and is well received.
    On this video, my only disappointment is that you did not show the chicken being cut so that we can see how crispy the skin has turned out and how moist the meat under the skin is. It would be good to be able to see these. But all the same, well done and thank you for posting and sharing this recipe.

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