How to Make Excellent Broccoli Cheese Soup

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Watch how to make an excellent homemade broccoli cheese soup with plenty of fresh broccoli and Cheddar cheese. Milk and chicken stock form the base of this creamy, top-rated soup. You can make it completely vegetarian by replacing the chicken stock with vegetarian stock.






  1. F*k you. I was enjoying this video till you said processed cheese. I’ve seen this mentioned on too many vids from you. No longer a fan. Will watch other content creators who don’t suggest or use hydrogenated cheeses.

  2. It appear to me the ratio of broccoli to soup is off. I didn’t see the broccoli at the end. It happens to be the least expensive ingredient in the pot…

  3. Don’t add stock to rue so quickly! You will taste the flour! You can’t take shortcuts with Rue, it must be cooked for a bit. (Same with tomato paste by the way, always fry it off in a pan or the flavour doesn’t develop.

    If you like this kind of fatty recipe then enjoy (I do from time to time) but if any of you are looking for a super tasty way to make this with probably 45 grams less fat and 20 grams less sodium, then try my version below. Please don’t reply to me with mean messages, I’m just making a suggestion.

    Make the recipe as shown but with these alterations:
    Use half the milk that is used in this recipe
    Halve the amount of stock OR Use the broccoli water instead (it’s much lower in sodium)
    Add a cup of almond milk.
    Don’t use that CRAP cheese, crumble some good quality feta(it just melts!!) and grated parmesan.
    (just enough for flavour).
    Any time I do a creamy recipe I add a 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg… try it!!

  4. That looks delicious! My daughter’s age 7 and 11 love broccoli and I grill it in the skillet but I’m going to make them this recipe. And my 1 year old baby will like it as well I’m sure. Thank you.

  5. If you wanted so serve a richer soup, in smaller portions, could you use full cream instead of milk? Ideas anyone?

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