How to Make Hainan Chicken AKA Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken is essentially fresh chicken steamed in its own juices accompanied with rice steamed in chicken broth. It’s a famous dish in Asia and has also been called Chicken Rice in Singapore. Focus on the cleaning of the chicken as it will be cooking with very little seasoning. Super delicious, it’s one of my favorite dishes that my Amah makes for me!


  1. Definitely not the way to do it. All the procedures are wrong. The cooked and wrecked chicken looks like rubbish. The dipping sauce is wrong. We never put sugar in it. Wrong! wrong! wrong!

  2. I think you guys need to wash your kitchen before washing the chicken..And I’ve never seen so much salt go into chicken rice… I guess that’s why they say it’s not too healthy

  3. to the comments below, roasted is good too but the true essence of this dish is the homey boiled version.  grandma added hot water because the concentrated chicken broth wasn’t enough to finish cooking the large pot of rice (so it’s the same thing).  i’ve had mine before with lemon grass too but i’ve found sometimes it takes away from the other flavors as lemon grass is very strong. 

  4. Brings back great memories of my distant past. Over 20 yrs ago I had a chance to visit singapore, chicken and rice at the nearby hawker stand was my go to dish. And all those beautiful women!!! Thanks for this, I’ll try to make some!

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