How to Make Keto Deep Fried Chicken Wings – Simple & Tasty Recipe | Want to know how to make keto deep fried chicken wings? Thought I would share a super easy, carb free way to make yummy keto deep fried chicken wings. Tastes great using simple ingredients and only 10 minutes of cooking time! Deep fried no carb wings are amazing to fit into your ketogenic diet plan and lifestyle. It has the right balance of fats and protein you want. You can always add more spices than I mentioned. But I try to keep my keto recipes simple and tasty! Thanks for tuning in — Your Keto Coach.

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  1. love that you are in Canada you’re not too far for me actually I am from Kitchener I will be starting this diet in 2 weeks thanks for all the tips

  2. I’m starting my keto diet today & ironically found this channel. I subbed.
    So where’d you get the deep-fryer from? Make/model, please?
    I only have extra virgin olive oil, is that ok on a keto diet?

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