How to Make Oven-Fried Chicken

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Watch a healthy, top-rated way to make fried chicken. This method uses the oven instead of the deep fryer. Quick and easy, this oven-baked technique also creates a lot less mess to clean up!





  1. I would be interested in reading that myself. However there is just so much evidence out there against Canola oil that I would be hard pressed to ever use it again for cooking. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Id like to post a link to the mayoclinic article saying that the claims against canola oil are unfounded but youtube wont let me.

  3. Personally I don’t like using “sprays” because they are not healthy when you look at the info on the cans. As for Canola oil, please read up on this horrendous stuff. I used to use it all the time because of the higher temp it could handle but when I found out how bad it was, never again!

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