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Hey Food Family 😆! Welcome back to another video. Here is my Vegan Jerk Chicken Thighs. These were really delicious. I enjoyed the texture of the mock meat with the baking powder, it was really meaty if that makes any sense. Check out the end texture of the Jerk thighs again you can see how tightly everything came together as oppose to, the a bit’ looser standard mock chicken thighs. In any case, they were super yummy and worth a try. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I went to you’re blog and there is no recipe for the quick method. I tried to mix the mushrooms with the seitan smd it wouldn’t form a dough where mushrooms were evenly combined with in.

  2. I’m no stranger to meat substitutes. But the other day I ordered some chinese food, General T’so Chicken (veggie) and the “chicken” pieces look so damn convincing that it was chicken. Now that I see this vegan “chicken” technique I bet it was this way. It so freaking how shredded mushrooms look like strands of chicken!
    Thank you for the instructions. You’re is a better alternative than buying, because it’s so expensive to actually buy the meatless products that I have no idea what’s in it.

  3. Is the potato layer on the outside of the rice paper facing out or under the rice paper touching the roast, you moved so fast thanks I wanna get it right plastic, potato , rice paper roast or plastic, rice paper, potato roast?

  4. Wow, I am stunned. This looks amazing, really worth all the preparation. Can’t wait to try it! I am really happy to have stumbled upon your channel! Was looking for a really authentic and resembling jerk chicken recipe, my boyfriend is Caribbean and unfortunately not vegan, so he wanted to make me try a vegan version of the one he grew up eating, and hopefully he’ll like it too! So glad to see you have tons of recipes I can try out!
    I was wondering if this recipe would also work with pre-made fake chicken cutlets or strips (perhaps the ones from gardein or beyond meat, I don’t know if you’re familiar with those) – just by marinating them overnight and baking them ?! – or maybe do you think that the texture of seitan resembles more the one of jerk chicken? Also, which version of these version you made do you think is better? Sorry, I am really new to this cuisine, but willing to learn much more.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  5. Let’s say someone is too lazy to thinly slice the potatoes and just used the rice paper, would the taste be that different?

  6. What do you put in the bowl before adding the teared mushrooms? Gluten, chickpea flour and what else? The liquid you pour is water? I’m planning to do this chicken tomorrow but i don’t understand what do you mix! Thank you!!

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