How To Pan Fry Chicken Breast – Kitchen Essentials | Wild Dish

Next in Laoise Casey Kitchen Essentials series she shows you how to perfectly pan fry your chicken breast

Salad Dressing –

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  1. Excellent and simple explanation. Thanks for posting. I have made it two times using this method. Both times it was made to excellence. I added some extra seasoning to my taste.

  2. I really can’t cook. I just pan fried some chicken, and it’s like rubber.

    I’m so afraid to undercook it. Guess I need a pan cover. This is crap.

    Can I just hire a chef?

  3. LOL @ the people in the comments demanding ‘seasoning’ on everything. If you have to cover your food in something else to make it taste good, it’s shitty food. Go put some paprika on a turd and shove it in your mouth, where it belongs.

  4. So, I rolled the chicken and then it burst into searing hot flames. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I don’t have a charming accent when I cook? That’s it, isn’t it.

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