Laab Gai – Spicy Chicken Salad Recipe – Hot Thai Kitchen!

This famous dish is iconic of northeastern Thai cuisine, and it’s probably the healthiest chicken salad I’ve ever seen! A few years ago I made a pork laab video, this time I make it with chicken with lots of new tips and tricks to help you make a laab to impress! And that crazy good crispy chicken skin makes an appearance at the end as well 🙂

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  1. I’ve been hunting everywhere for a Thai recipe my MIL made. I’m hoping you can help me. She used ground/shaved coconut, sticky rice, cilantro, curry paste, lemon grass and I’m not sure what else. She then shaped into patty and deep fried. So so good. She said as a child she and her mom sold it as street food in Bangkok. Can you help? Thank you
    She has passed away and I failed to get her recipes. You’re my go to when I’m wanting her food.

  2. hi pai! i just wanna say ur videos are really great and it is my automatic go to vid whenever im craving for thai food especially with salads.. i just wanna ask, instead of the oven, can i just dry the chilis in the sun then dry roast it in a pan? im planning on making larb and nam tok soon so im really keen if my idea for the chili will work

  3. สวัสดีไพลิน! When I learned how to make larb gai, my Thai friends never used kafir like leaves. Next time I make it I’m gonna use lime leaves :). Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. Great recipe! Larb is the bomb. My best friends mom makes a chicken Larb that is to die for. I like mine served hot on top of sticky rice. 8)

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