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Medium Spiced Chicken Pasta (gluten free)

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This recipe is up there with my absolute favourite and one I use on a consistent basis. It’s quick, easy, tastes incredible and so simple to make gluten free. All you need to do is replace regular pasta with a gluten free alternative. Cheap to make this is a perfect student recipe and I often make a big batch so I can have it for lunch sometime in the week.

If you have a regular appetite the dish made in the video will provide about 3 solid meals with a perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat. With the gluten free pasta it measures in about 700 calories which is around a third of your overall recommended daily calories.

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Here is the recipe for Medium Spiced Chicken Pasta (gluten free)

3x peppers
1x onion
2x chicken breasts
1 cup double cream
1 chicken stock cube
1 tbsp. paprika
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. chilli powder
1 tsp. cumin
400g pasta
100-200g cheese (grated)
Parmesan cheese (just to garnish, optional)
Olive oil

1. Chop peppers
2. Chop onion
3. Create chicken stock by following instructions on back of packet
4. Add oil to pot and fry peppers and onion
5. While frying chop up the chicken breasts into healthy sized chunks
6. Add pasta to another pot and boil
7. Add paprika, garlic powder, chilli powder, cumin and any salt you want to big pot
8. Pour in heavy cream and mix
9. Drain pasta and add to big pot
10. Add the grated cheese to the large pot and mix
11. Serve up topped with parmesan cheese

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  1. Hey everyone this is one of my most used recipes and it tastes AMAZING! Hope you all enjoy and remember to like, share and subscribe for me it helps a ton!

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