Philips Air Fryer – Chicken Drumsticks

Just a quick look at a Philips air fryer & a demo on cooking some chicken drumsticks.


  1. Im thinking of getting one of these. In two minds over the Philips air fryer V the Duronic air fryer. Both have amazing reviews on Amazon

  2. you all showing the chicken done….and all you mf’s know the damn chicken is raw wen u cut into it….yet u f#$%*& worried abt him touching bottle with hands or season in bag….omg….u lot are ridiculous…..its godamn raw meat even wen u say its cooked!!!!

  3. As I read some of the comments below it’s really sad how you people have to leave rude comments. Go get a life. The man is trying to help us and you have to be sarcastic.

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