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This is a very basic crispy chicken burger recipe, you can of course add your own toppings such as tomato, pickles etc. But I wanted to truly taste this incredible fried chicken flavour and prefer to keep this one simple. You can always have a well dressed salad on the side to offset the richness. It’s simple to make and marinating the chicken thighs in butter milk overnight is recommended. But if you’re short of time, 30 minutes will still work fine. You can toast the buns under your grill (broiler) but I prefer a griddle pan. For the mayonnaise, you can always buy it, but as it’s so simple to make, why would you? See my recipe if you’re not sure how and you’ll never buy it again. Get your taste buds ready as this is as good as a chicken burger gets.

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  1. Sorry if this question sounds dumb but do you eat all these indulgent foods your cook on your channel or is it cut up and shared as a snack among a bunch of people?

  2. I feel that San Choi Bao is the only acceptable time to use Iceberg leaves whole. Shredded Iceberg in a burger has such a better texture in my mouth.

  3. looks great! actually a complex method that you’ve seemed to perfect. somehow other YouTube chefs would have spent 20 minutes explaining why each ingredient is used and why it’s their patented best method. you prefer to let your food do the talking. nice

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