Summer BLT pasta recipe

Steve cooks a quick summer, delicious, easy pasta dish in under 15 minutes.
Visit for all the ingredients
Music Composed & Performed by Steven Dolby


  1. Went threw your recipes and decided to make this one, came out amazing! LOVED IT! Will make again, and cant wait to make more of your recipes. High recommended.

  2. Cooked this 2 weeks ago and it was so delicious. My sister liked it and I’ll be cooking this again for dinner in a while. Thank you for this delicious recipe 🙂

  3. Made it for a group of friends Saturday. Was a perfect side dish for my Brisket. Only suggestion is your blog lists all of the ingredients in grams. Pain in the butt to convert it all! Lol. Love your channel and talent!

  4. Tried this on Sunday and it was brilliant. Lovely and flavourful and nice and even better the next day for Lunch. Cheers Steve

  5. I just try it this weekend, it is soooo tasty though I can’t make it as good looking as you did 🙂 love you recipe!!

  6. Thanks, yes certainly give it a go. I have made a few recipes with beer,,,fish & chips, steak and Guinness pie etc 🙂

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