Swanson Taste Maker Keizo Shimamoto’s Intricate Chicken Ramen Soup

Flavor is life for Taste Maker Keizo Shimamoto. His passion for ramen perfection led Keizo to invent the Ramen Burger. See Taste Maker and ramen innovator Keizo create an intricate Chicken Ramen Soup that blends two distinct broth types, chicken and dashi, from two distinct cultures.

Get his Chicken Ramen Soup recipe here: http://www.cscassets.com/swanson/Swanson_TM_KeizosSoupRecipe.pdf

And join us on Pinterest to explore each step of Keizo’s Ramen cooking process: https://www.pinterest.com/swansonbroth/taste-maker-keizo-shimamotos-flavor-board/


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