The Ultimate Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Peach Cobbler Shortcakes

It’s a bunch of my ultimate recipes. This is the only fried chicken recipe you’ll ever need. It’s also the only mac & cheese recipe you’ll ever need. And coincidentally, you’ll absolutely love these peach cobbler short cakes. As always, simple, easy, and delicious.


  1. You’re amazing and I absolutely love your recipes. Your videos going in and out of focus though is really aggravating and makes it a hard watch. Can cause headaches for more sensitive people.

  2. I believe that the recipes are just a guide for us to follow but all great chefs would definitely taste their dishes every step of the way. If it is too salty, I’ll just tweak it but the food looks dynamite with lots of bursting flavors.

  3. Love his videos and culinary knowledge but the cheesy R. Kelly “music” cheapens his brand (and basil in fried chicken has me puzzled, but whatever. to each their own). Great job!

  4. Excellent chicken. The cornstarch is the key to crunch! Also – It’s really refreshing to see a Black Chef cooking WITHOUT using profanity! Using the ‘Mother-f—‘ while cooking is so tacky. You should have your own show!

  5. I made it with cream cheese omg you can build a wall with the strength of the bricks of bake Mac. I think it should be soft even in the fridge. I don’t want to clog myself up.

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