Traditional French Pot Roast Chicken HD

The best roast chicken is not the chook you know. Really, it’s true. Dry baking is great, but in fact there’s a very old French technique that take chicken to somewhere rally special. All you need is a traditional heavy pot with a fitting lid (it could be an enamelled cast iron, terracotta, or even just a regular old camp oven). The secret is in the way heavy pot transfer heat, and how the heavy lid locks in the pressure for a better bake.


  1. Your recipe calls for corn flour to make the gravy. Can I use corn starch, or is that the same?
    And… Do I really need the moistened baking paper to seal the lid on top? You didn’t do that on the video…

  2. 160 degrees must be Celsius…which would be 320 F?
    Interesting use of dry sherry in lieu of white wine but he did not say how much

  3. I recommend brining the chicken overnight, then continue with this method with still adding that salt to the top.
    Something like 3 lt water, 1/2 cup salt, soaked overnight, remove and pat dry.

  4. can i prepare this chicken a day in advance? if so, is there a certain point that I stop and pick it up the next day or can it be reheated in some way?

  5. Great idea, but this dish is underseasoned: salt and pepper only on the breast without getting under the skin πŸ™

  6. Okay! I’m making this tonight – sadly, not with a Ingham’s Chicken because I live in Winnipeg, Canada but still. Let’s see how this works! Updates as the evening goes on.

    Ingredients: chicken, vegetables and herbs as given except the onions because I don’t need hives, Dry Sack for the wine.

  7. I normally cook with generous amounts of wine, but when cooking for guests who cannot have that (religious reasons), what do you prefer to substitute for adding flavor?

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